Emotion. That why we’re in this.

The laughing, the crying, the hug that says more than words ever can.

It’s what drives us to create wedding films that do more than just document your day. From the note you receive from your dad in the morning, to the circle of friends that envelop you at the end of your evening, the timeless moments of your perfect day inspire us to create incredibly unique and stylized films.

While the cake will be eaten, and the flowers will fade, your story never goes away. Let’s tell it. Together.

What makes us different from everyone else? Simply put, our style!


  • Every Sway Cinema videographer has gone through school for film or media production – this means that we know how to roll with the punches, tell your story cinematically, and are truly capable of capturing moments in a way that makes each moment count. Your wedding will not be our first, or even our tenth. We’ve done this so many times before that it’s second nature.
  •  Our style is modern and effective. We call it “wedding cinema” – we combine traditional documentary coverage of your wedding with our honed cinematic approach to ensure that we don’t miss any moments, yet also capture each moment with a stylized shot.
  • Our method is largely chronological. This means that while we may start your film with an emotional toast or a great soundbite from your sermon, by and large we craft your story in the order and manner that it actually happened. Other videographers may edit in a way that jumps around throughout random moments of the day – our passion is telling your story from start to finish.
  • We tell your story – we don’t just show it. You won’t get a simple music montage with footage of the day – that’s the easy way out! Rather, we create a film that tells your story. By taking the best parts of your vows, the sermon, and the toasts, we build the emotion of your day to make the film uniquely yours – and this makes our films incredibly viewable. Many brides tell us that they couldn’t help but get caught up in the emotions and stories of other couples that they found on our site!
  • With over seven years of experience in providing wedding cinema, our mission is simple: to tell your story with style and care. Because your story matters.


We’d love to sit down with you and learn about you and your partner over coffee. We invite you to drop by our downtown Columbus office – right between German Village and the Statehouse – or we can chat at a coffeeshop convenient to you.

A wedding is a huge investment. We understand. However, we feel that it’s really important to save space in your budget for wedding cinema.

A lot of couples leave out the wedding video – and we hear after the fact that this was their biggest regret. Photos can’t capture the emotions in your voice when you whisper your vows, record the speech that your father spent months crafting (and tearing up over!), or tell a memorable and touching story by using the dialogue of your day.

Our films tell the story of the most important day of your lives, and we are honored to tell it.

So what’s it like working with us? Fun! We’ll meet with you in advance to learn about you and your partner. By knowing your history and observing how the two of you interact together, we’ll get a good foundation of your relationship. This helps us craft a film that matches your personality. We’ll go over our packages and build it together.

After we book your wedding, we have the option of meeting up later down the road to go over final details. We work with your venues, photographer, and DJ to ensure maximum coverage and quality.

On the big day, we’ll arrive, get acquainted with your wedding party, then get to work. We operate unobtrusively, so we’re quietly in the background getting the shots we need. We’ll meet with the groom to give him a wireless mic before the ceremony starts. During the photoshoot, we generally like to arrange a few shots with the bride and groom right off the bat – this takes about ten minutes, then we let the photographer take over. Those first ten minutes give us the artistic coverage we need to craft your highlights. At the reception, we’ll grab audio from the DJ, then cover all the major events.

It’s important to ask if your wedding videographer keeps a copy of your wedding. What if your DVD stops working, or your highlight disappears? We’re invested heavily in archiving and backing up our couple’s weddings, even after we’ve delivered your final edits! We use a special RAID server for each year of weddings, and keep yours safe for at least two years. Should you want a copy of your raw footage down the road, or decide to have your ceremony and reception edited together in a couple years, we’d be happy to help! Your weddings are safe with us, and don’t go away anytime soon.


Ryan Nord, Columbus Ohio Wedding Video

 Ryan Nord | Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Ryan is an award-winning cinematographer and editor from Akron, Ohio. He’s traveled the country filming weddings, concerts, commercials and documentaries. Beyond wedding cinema, Ryan enjoys photography, travel, and exploring all the new restaurants and bars in Columbus.

He’s the go-to videographer and editor for The Alive Festival in central Ohio, and he’s worked on numerous film sets. Ryan brings the confidence and flexibility needed to capture the story of your wedding.

Ryan’s a fan of hazelnut coffee. Three packets of sugar (two brown, one white), and a dash of cream. It’s gotta be just right. Just like your wedding film.

Conner Childers, Columbus Ohio Wedding Video

 Conner Childers | Cinematographer, Editor

Conner is a filmmaker and graphic artist from Akron, Ohio. His work serves clients of every caliber, and his excitement for every project is infectious!

His work with music festivals, TedX, and documentaries proves his ability to expect the unexpected. At Kent State, Conner worked with TV2 Teleproductions, the university’s media production group.

Conner enjoys a mocha. It’s gotta have that swirl on top, of course. He’s artsy, and it reflects in your wedding film.

Raza Arif, Columbus Ohio Wedding Video

 Raza Arif | Cinematographer

Syed Raza Arif holds a degree in TV/ Film production. His primary focus is Cinematography which led him to many opportunities with various News and Entertainment channels in South Asia.

Raza has filmed international documentaries, music videos, TV soaps and commercials.

Raza enjoys water over coffee. It’s good to mix things up every once in a while. It leads to new ideas – and better wedding films.

Isko Iskkov, Columbus Ohio Wedding Video

 Isko Kenchenbayev | Cinematographer

Originally born in Kazakh Republic (former USSR), Isko graduated from the Choreography College of Almaty, Almaty, Kazakh Republic.

In addition to working for Sway The Crowd, Isko is the Director/Videographer/Editor for “Hola Columbus”, which airs on CW. Isko films and edits music videos, TV commercials, and corporate videos. In his spare time, Isko enjoys coding, database administration and electronic music production.

Isko takes his coffee black, as well. A strong cup of coffee is like our wedding films: bold, flavorful, and impactful.

Joshua Kun, Columbus Ohio Wedding Video

 Joshua Kun | Cinematographer

Josh is an award-winning director and cinematographer. He began his career studying documentary film at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University.

After establishing himself as a correspondent for an international European TV show, he spends most of his time chasing feature film ideas and working as a DP on a wide array of commercial and theatrical film projects. Recent theatrical documentary projects include Hollywood Hillbilly, The Hacker Wars, and Pump.

Josh enjoys a sprinkle of sugar and cream in his coffee. It makes for a sweeter drink – and a sweeter, more emotional film.