Sway Cinema Reviews, Best Wedding Videographers in Columbus, Zanesville - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner

Sway Cinema Reviews


The creative team at Sway Cinema was fantastic! They did an incredible job of capturing the true essence of our wedding day, and memorialized it with perfection. Our wedding day went by so quickly, and we are so happy to have made the investment and have this life long memory captured on video. The team at Sway Cinema really embraced our event from the beginning. They took time leading up to the day to understand the schedule of events, special moments that were important to us, and to align on our vision of a wedding video. We did a lot of research for our creative team, and we could not have made a better choice. They are true professionals and artists that have an amazing talent for capturing the feelings and emotions of a day. They did an amazing job of navigating a complex schedule of events, a wide range of challenging lighting situations, and a large wedding party. They were able to capture the event without being part of it. There were a couple of occasions that we wondered if they were getting the shots, b/c we did not see them. Once we received the final product, we were amazed at the how they captured all the events of the day and assembled them to tell our story.

Ann and Matt

Words can't even begin to describe how thankful we are for you guys. You captured some of our most treasured memories and put it together in something we will watch time and time again until our last days. Every single person that has watched our video absolutely raves about it! We will definitely recommend you to our friends that will be getting married in the near future!

Brooke and Bob

The highlight video is perfect! It is hard to believe that although you were unbelievably inconspicuous, you were absolutely EVERYWHERE! You captured all the important moments and conveyed them so beautifully! This was even better than I had imagined! I remember wondering at the beginning of the day if the presence of photographers and videographers all day would make others feel inhibited, but that was not the case. You were so professional, quiet, and subtle that everyone was so natural and really absorbed in the wedding preparations. Just outstanding work! PERFECT!!!

Chelsey and Corey

Amazing to work with! Ryan and his assistant were true professionals. We kept referring to them as ninjas - they were completely invisible yet captured every moment of our wedding! I would work with them again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much for capturing our day!

Olga and Clinton

THANK YOU so much for the amazing video you put together. It is so great, and we watched it numerous times over the holiday and everyone in the family loved it. I can't get through it without crying. From someone who spent ten years telling stories through video, you did an outstanding job telling the story of our day and you truly surpassed my expectations. You really did a tremendous job.

Jill and Matt

Ryan, I am speechless! O.M.G.! Every single time I watch the montage I tear up! I can't believe what an amazing job you did on this video... I can't wait to see all of it! Every person I've shown already has cried and is watching it over and over again! I am telling every person I know getting married about you guys. So professional, on time, and best of all TALENTED BEYOND WORDS! I can't wait to see the rest of what you captured... everyone is so excited to see the whole video! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely incredible job.

Kat and Brandon

Ryan and David of Sway Cinema were absolutely WONDERFUL to work with! Their professionalism and responsiveness was much appreciated during a time of complete craziness. Though our wedding was in Chicago, the guys made the trek from Ohio to help us capture the day and for that we are thankful.The final highlight video of course made us laugh and cry (more than once), it was truly a unique film that perfectly captured the day's events and overall feeling of excitement, energy, and love. We are grateful that they worked extra hard to provide a finished film for us to enjoy on Christmas day with our families- above and beyond in my opinion. My husband and I would recommend Sway Cinema and their work with flying colors. You won't be disappointed- promise!

Abby and Mike

We couldn't have asked for anything better! Sway Cinema did an absolutely AMAZING job capturing our fantastic day! They apparently worked very hard at not being invasive because we didn't even know they were there! Much appreciated! We're still on our honeymoon so we've only seen the highlight video, but it is everything I had hoped it would be! I shared it on Facebook and have had several friends (including our DJ) share it as well, because it is so beautifully done! There's so many comments I can't even keep up with them! I personally have watched it over and over again. Thank you Sway Cinema for putting together this awesome video for us. It will surely be cherished!

Tammy and Mike


That was absolutely beautiful! You guys couldn't have done a better job. I love it SO much and I am so happy that we were able to have you and your team there to capture it all. I wouldn’t change a thing. : ) Everyone I’ve sent it to so far has just loved it. It had me crying here at the home office, Jake crying at a show in Indiana, and my mom of course loosing it at work as well! THANK YOU!!! WE LOVE IT!!!

Amy and Jake